(Answered) NR451 Entire Course; Week 1 – 8 – Capstone


NR451 RN Capstone Course

NR451 Week 1 Discussion: Our Care Culture (graded) 

NR451 Week 2 Discussion: Communication and Influence-the Power of Evidence (graded)

NR451 Week 3 Discussion: Resilience and Change (graded) 

NR451 Week 3 Assignment: Healthcare Policy (graded) 

NR451 Week 4 Discussion: Advocacy and Cultural Competence (graded) 

NR451 Week 5 Discussion: Interprofessional Collaboration (graded) 

NR451 Week 5 Assignment: iCARE Paper (graded)

NR451 Week 6 Discussion: Transformational Leadership (graded) 

NR451 Week 6 Assignment: Evidence-Based Practice Change Process (graded) 

NR451 Week 7 Discussion: CDC Wonder (graded)

NR451 Week 8 Discussion: Your Nursing Destiny (graded) 

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