(Answered) NR451 Week 6 Discussion: Transformational Leadership (graded)

Discussion Questions

Transformational leaders influence those around them and therefore have the potential to alter the culture of a unit or organization. Please address the following topics:

  • Summarize your general beliefs of what makes a good leader.
  • Regarding the transformational leadership skills discussed in our required article reading, how do you think your leadership style is perceived by others?
  • What aspect of the TEACH values discussed in the lesson do you think would most benefit your work environment if adopted?


Effective leadership is a vital part of the healthcare team. I believe that a successful leader should demonstrate effective communication, transparency, and respect. Effective communication between a leader and the team can help to prepare for and navigate change which is important in a healthcare environment. I also think it is important for a leader to be transparent and honest with things that are happening throughout the organization. . I’ve seen many leaders who “hide” things from their staff to avoid conflict, which in turn increases distrust.…..please click the icon below to purchase full answer at $5