(Answered) NR305 Entire Course Week 1 – 8; 100% Verified


NR305 Health Assessment for the Practicing

NR305 Week 1 Check-In: iHuman Orientation (Graded)

NR305 Week 2 Discussion: Reflection on the Nurse’s Role in Health Assessment

NR305 Week 2 Assignment: Wellness Assessment: Luciana Gonzalez (iHuman) (Graded)

NR305 Week 3 Discussion: Debriefing of the Week 2 iHuman Wellness Assignment (Graded)

NR305 Week 3 Assignment: Cardiovascular Assessment: Michael Granger (iHuman) (Graded)

NR305 Week 4 Discussion: Debriefing of Week 3 iHuman Cardiovascular Assessment (Graded)

NR305 Week 4 Assignment: Neurovascular Assessment: Athena Washington (iHuman) (Graded)

NR305 Week 5 Discussion: Debriefing of Week 4 iHuman Neurovascular Assessment (Graded) 

NR305 Week 6 Discussion: Reflection on Nursing Assessment for Violence (Graded)

NR305 Week 6 Assignment: Mental Health Assessment: Amka Oxendine (iHuman) (Graded)

NR305 Week 7 Discussion: Debriefing of Week 6 iHuman Mental Health Assessment (Graded)

NR305 Week 8 Discussion: Reflection on End of Life Care (Graded) 

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