(Answered) NR305 Week 4 Discussion: Debriefing of Week 3 iHuman


NR305 Health Assessment for the Practicing

Week 4 Discussion: Debriefing of Week 3 iHuman Cardiovascular Assessment (Graded)


Use the following format to reflect on the Week 3 iHuman Cardiovascular Assessment. This was the Michael Granger case.

  • Paragraph One: What went well for you in the simulation? Provide examples of when you felt knowledgeable and confident in your skills. Do you feel the scenario was realistic? Why or why not?
  • Paragraph Two: What would you do differently next time if you were caring for a patient similar to Mr. Granger? Describe at least one area you identified where improvements could be made, specific to Mr. Granger’s assessment. Were you surprised by any of the feedback you were provided by iHuman? If yes, please explain.
  • Paragraph Three: What did you learn from this simulation that you could apply to nursing practice? Or, what did this simulation reinforce that you found valuable? Do you have any questions related to the scenario?


Hello everyone,

In the simulation, what went well for me is knowing (from experience) HF, signs & symptoms of exacerbation, and treatment methods. In addition, the scenario prompted me to remember my ABCs while caring for Mr. Granger and any other patient. The simulation was like DeJavu; I have cared for many patients with the same presentation, hx, and sadly, very similar outcomes. Therefore, I felt confident in reviewing Mr. Granger’s labs/diagnostic exams(BNP, CXR) and anticipating his care as a result. ……please click the icon below to purchase full answer at $5