(Answered) NR305 Week 6 Discussion: Reflection on Nursing Assessment


NR305 Health Assessment for the Practicing

Week 6 Discussion: Reflection on Nursing Assessment for Violence (Graded)

Reflection Questions

Reflect on your current or prior practice experiences.

  • Paragraph One
    • Patients of any age, gender, cultural background or socio-economic status can be victims of violence. Consider a patient population you are currently working with or have worked with in the past. For what type of violence might they be at risk? What are some related findings that might alert you to investigate further?
  • Paragraph Two
    • Screening for signs of violence and abuse is a part of patient health history assessments. Have you observed the questions being asked by nurses or have you asked them to patients? Do you believe these screenings are typically completed in detail? Explain your answer.


In working with the developmentally, intellectually, mentally disabled population, I have witnessed more abuse, neglect, and exploitation than in any other area I have worked in in nursing. For example, some clients have had to be removed from their homes because a family member or someone the client trusted abused them financially and neglected to meet the individual’s basic needs of food and adequate clothing. Or they were taking medications from a client diagnosed with mental illness and cerebral palsy to misuse. Sadly, the abuse may continue for months or years (despite many encounters) before the illegal act is found and dealt with legally……please click the icon below to purchase full answer at $5