(Solutions) ECON312N Entire Course work Week 1 -8


 ECON312N Principles of Economics

ECON312N Week 1 Discussion: Scarcity or the Invisible Hand

ECON312N Week 1 Assignment: Essay – Scarcity 

ECON312N Week 2 Discussion: Demand, Supply, and Market Equilibrium for Labor and Wages 

ECON312N Week 2 Mini Presentation: Supply and Demand 

ECON312N Week 3 Discussion: Concepts of Cost Structures under Perfect Competition 

ECON312N Week 3 Assignment: Essay – Competitive Market Structure 

ECON312N Week 4 Discussion: Market Concentration 

ECON312N Week 4 Assignment: Mini Presentation – Market Failure 

ECON312N Week 5 Discussion: Unemployment and Skills Mismatch 

ECON312N Week 5 Assignment: Presentation – Unemployment Analysis 

ECON312N Week 6 Discussion: Inflation in the Costs of Education and Healthcare 

ECON312N Week 6 Assignment: Essay – Key Types of Inflation 

ECON312N Week 7 Discussion: The Federal Deficit and National Debt 

ECON312N Week 7 Assignment: Presentation – Economic Analysis 

ECON312N Week 8 Discussion: International Trade 

ECON312N Week 8 Assignment: Mini Presentation – International Trade 

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