(Solved) NR565 Week 3: Hypertension & Lipid Treatment Protocol


NR565 Advanced Pharmacology Fundamentals

Preparing the Assignment

Follow these guidelines when completing each component of the assignment. Contact your course faculty if you have questions.

  1. Complete the outline templateLinks to an external site. provided for the sections highlighted in yellow and the “click to enter text here” is indicated.
  2. Provide references for your protocol at the bottom of the form where indicated. References should come from the following sources:
    1. Clinical Practice Guidelines
      1. DyslipidemiaLinks to an external site.
      2. HTNLinks to an external site.  You can click on “Figures/Tables” on the right-hand side of the screen to take you to the algorithm/decision tree to get directly to the information you are looking for to work through the assignment to see how hypertension is treated according to this guideline.
    2. Course Textbook


    1. List the hypertension drug classifications and examples you would prescribe in order of treatment according to clinical practice guidelines without consideration of race or ethnicity. (Provide generic names for examples. Doses are not needed or required.)
Drug Category/ Classification Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4
ACE inhibitor (ACEI) Lisinopril  Benazepril Fosinopril Quinapril
Angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB) Candesartan Valsartan Losartan Olmesartan
Thiazide diuretic Hydrochlorothiazide Chlorthalidone Indapamide Chlorothiazide
Calcium Channel Blocker (CCB) Amlodipine Nifedipine Diltiazem Verapamil