(Solution) NR439 Week 6 Discussion: Data Analysis and Results (graded)

Discussion Questions

Data analysis is key for discovering credible findings from implementing nursing studies. Discussion and conclusions can be made about the meaning of the findings from the data analysis.

  • Share what you learned about descriptive analysis (statistics), inferential analysis (statistics), and qualitative analysis of data; include something that you learned that was interesting to you and your thoughts on why data analysis is necessary for discovering credible findings for nursing.
  • Compare clinical significance and statistical significance; include which one is more meaningful to you when considering application of findings to nursing practice.


As frontline healthcare providers tasked with the role of evidence translation, an understanding of statistics is important. Descriptive statistics are often utilized in quantitative studies to help summarize data that is collected in research studies. Descriptive statistics provide a clearer picture of the data allowing for easier interpretation. Descriptive statistics are limiting in the fact that they only look at the people or objects that are currently being measured or utilized in that particular study (Dang & Dearholt, 2018). Descriptive statistics can be examined using a multitude of approaches such as frequency, distribution and normality, creating percentiles, …..please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5