(Solution) NR361 Week 6 Discussion: Distractors in our Environments (graded)

Discussion Question

Distractions are everywhere. They may include cellphones, multiple alarms sounding, overhead paging, monitors beeping, and various interruptions that disrupt your clinical practice.

Give an example of an ethical or legal issue that may arise if a patient has a poor outcome or sentinel event because of a distraction such as alarm fatigue. What does evidence reveal about alarm fatigue and distractions in healthcare when it comes to patient safety?


Technology is everywhere. Especially when you are working as a nurse. Documentation is done on the computer. Medications are stored in a Pyxis. Patients have barcoded wristbands to scan to confirm right patient. Vital signs are taken by machines. We use technology every day to do our jobs. “The notable expectation regarding the use of technology is using it as a tool to gather data about a patient’s health status. We must always remember that these devices are tools to be used for this purpose and not to replace assessment skills” (Hebda, 2019). ……please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5