(Solution) BUSN115N Week 1 Discussion: Role of Government in Business

Required Resources

Read/review the following resources for this activity:

  • Textbook: Chapter 1
  • Lesson
  • Minimum of 1 scholarly source

Initial Post Instructions

The government regulates business in many ways. Businesses must get permission to operate in the form of licensing and state and federal agencies work to provide protections.

Search in the Chamberlain library for “role of government” and one of the following protections.

  • Consumer protection
  • Employee protection
  • Environmental protection
  • Investor protection

Choose an article that you find from your search. Summarize the article and discuss its implications.

Follow-Up Post Instructions

Respond to at least one peer. Further the dialogue by providing more information and clarification.

Writing Requirements

  • Minimum of 2 posts (1 initial & 1 follow-up)
  • APA format for in-text citations and list of references


This activity will be graded using the Discussion Grading Rubric. Please review the following link:


Just as businesses have laws in place to protect them, so too do consumers as well. This helps to foster a mutual relationship in which one party does not attempt to unjustly take from another. While we have certainly come a long way in this pursuit, much still remains to be done in order to protect consumers who arguably have less power than businesses owing to less financial capital at their disposal on an individual level. Many public health problems such as alcohol use and the fast food industry can be tied to excessive advertising on behalf of certain companies. ……please click the icon below to purchase full answer at $5