(Answered) PSYC315N Week 6 Discussion: Attraction


PSYC315N Social Psychology

Required Resources
Read/review the following resources for this activity:

  • Textbook: Chapter 9
  • Lesson
  • Minimum of 2 sources cited (assigned readings/online lessons and an outside scholarly source)

Initial Post Instructions
There are so many variables that factor into the psychology of attraction. Interpersonal attraction and sociability are essential to the survival of the human species. However, human interactions have changed significantly over the past 100 years with the advent of the telephone, social media, and the Internet. In the context of your readings and research this week, discuss whether you believe that long-distance relationships are sustainable and realistic for the continuation of attraction. In particular, consider your response in the context of Sternberg’s Theory of Love.


I definitely believe that long term relationships are sustainable, but I also think it takes hard work and commitment. I remember a long time ago, maybe 35 to 40 years ago, my uncle was living with us in Philadelphia. He had gone to India and gotten married and then came back. He had to wait for more than a year for his wife to get a visa and be able to join him in America. They would write letters to each other all the time. He would call her once a week, on a Saturday evening because the phone had a discounted price for international calls on the weekend…..please click the icon below to purchase full answer at $5