(Answered) POLI330N Week 5 Assignment: Representation in Congress


POLI330N Political Science


Research the proportion of women, African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans and openly gay or lesbian members of Congress.

  1. Reflect on what these patterns say about the nature of representation.
  2. Why do some groups tend to be underrepresented in Congress?
  3. Why do you see a trend in which more women and minorities are being represented?
  4. Do you think the underrepresentation of women and minorities affect Congress’s business?
  5. How might we as a people address this situation and strive towards equal representation? Make sure to cite sources used.


Representation in Congress

Representation of various discourses of people in society is of paramount importance in people’s different aspects of life. It provides an opportunity for minority groups to air their opinions, while voicing their needs in a safe environment, to be more validated in the larger society. About a quarter, or 23% of voting members in the US Senate and House of Representatives originate from ethnic and racial minorities, hence making the 117th Congress the most socially diverse in history. Overall, 124 legislators currently identify as Asian/Pacific Islanders, Blacks, or Native Americans. Today, there are several openly LGBTQ members in Congress, contrary to a few years ago. …….Please click the icon below to purchase full answer at $10