(Answered) POLI330N Week 2 Discussion: Connection Between Our Culture and the News Media


POLI330N Political Science

Initial Post Instructions

For the initial post, respond to one of the following options, and label the beginning of your post indicating either Option 1 or Option 2:

Option 1: The framers of the Constitution were concerned that everyday citizens would not be able to understand or comprehend the makings of our government. They felt that everyday citizens were uninformed and did not care what was going on in our government. Even today we see where citizens are interested in government affairs seemingly only if our country is in turmoil such as unemployment, recessions, civil unrest, etc. Do you agree with this assessment? Are we uninformed? Do we wait till a crisis happens to voice our opinions?

Option 2: Many experts see the media as biased and more like infotainment. In fact, many people have turned to social networks as an outlet for news instead of CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN and other news stations. Do you see this as an issue? Do you see the news as biased or unbiased? Should there be more restrictions on the news stations?

Be sure to make connections between your ideas and conclusions and the research, concepts, terms, and theory we are discussing this week.


Before, individuals relied on televisions to acquire news. That is, in the era of social media, individuals relied on television use, radios and newspapers as their news sources. The news sources such as the televisions were trusted completely as individuals were updated on what was going around them. This has changed today as individuals no longer rely on televisions and newspapers for news. Americans today rely on social media sources to acquire news, with some of the popular sites like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter (Shearer & Mitchell, 2021). ……please click the icon below to purchase full answer at $5