(Answered) NR501NP Week 7: Reflection on Learning Submission – Concepts


NR501NP Theoretical Basis for Advanced Nursing Practice

Write 1-2 paragraphs reflecting on the relationship between theory and practice. Then save the reflection as a Word Document for submission.

In week 8, you will submit all reflections as a single document.

This reflection is worth 5 points and the final reflection document in week 8 is worth 15 points.

What were the most important concepts you learned in week 7? Why are these concepts important?

How will they prepare you for your future role as an NP? In what ways do you feel prepared for your new role? In what ways do you feel unprepared?


Reflection on Learning

The relationship between theory and practice is complimentary because studies and research ideas can be generated from a given theory, research can be used to test theoretical concepts that have been published, and research studies can be used to generate new knowledge and thus come up with a theoretical concept. …..please click the icon below to purchase full answer at $5