(Answered) NR501NP Week 4: Nursing Theory -75 Points


NR501NP Theoretical Basis for Advanced Nursing Practice

Preparing the Assignment

Identify your specialty area of NP practice. Select a nursing theory, borrowed theory, or interdisciplinary theory provided in the lesson plan or one of your own findings. Address the following:

  • Origin
  • Meaning and scope
  • Logical adequacy
  • Usefulness and simplicity
  • Generalizability
  • Testability

Finally, provide an example how the theory could be used to improve or evaluate the quality of practice in your specific setting. What rationale can you provide that validates the theory as applicable to the role of the nurse practitioner.

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Theory for fNP Practice

I will discuss the use of McCormack and McCance’s Person-Centered Care Nursing (PCN) Framework for fNP practice. The basis of person-centered practice illustrates caring that has a moral element with a therapeutic intent that is based on effective interpersonal relationships. Its foundations are treating people as individuals, respecting an individual’s rights, constructing mutual trust, and mutual understanding for positive relationships. PCN framework does not see the person as merely the disease diagnosis. Additionally, PCN framework allows for the patient to be responsible for and take control of their own care (McCance, et. al., 2021; Andersson, et. al., 2021).


Conceptualization of PCN framework came from a need to discuss patient centered care in a way that would give practitioners the ability to convey the components needed for this phenomenon, as well as barriers to its creation……please click the icon below to purchase full answer at $10