(Answered) NR500NP Week 6: Reflection on Learning -NP practice


NR500NP Foundational Concepts and Advanced Practice Roles


Reflection: write 1-2 paragraphs reflecting on your learning for the weekGuiding questions are provided or you may write about what you felt was most significant to you for the week.

You will need to post your reflection here before you are able to see other students’ posts.

  • As you contemplate your future NP practice, how do you view your role in the implementation of EBP?
  • What thoughts do you have about how you will engage in scholarship in your NP role?
  • What are some barriers you see to implementing evidence-based practice?


The implementation of evidence-based practice, in the NP role, is extremely important. As clinical leaders, they have multiple responsibilities in leading and being able to collaborate with interdisciplinary teams to implement evidence-based practice into patient care and make policy changes to improve patient outcomes (Clarke et al., 2021).…….please click the icon below to purchase full answer at $5