(Answered) NR500NP Week 5: Systems Theory and Practice Issues


NR500NP Foundational Concepts and Advanced Practice Roles

Preparing the Assignment


This graded discussion will explore the impact of systems theory on a practice problem or issue. Please provide an initial response to the discussion question by Wednesday at 11:59pm MT and two interactive dialogue responses no later than Sunday 11:59 PM MT at the end of WEEK 5. The discussion is worth 75 points. Please refer to the discussion grading rubric for additional criteria.

Discussion Question:

Many of you have experience in complex adaptive systems whether you realize it or not. Thinking about your current or future practice area, identify an issue or concern. In your initial response, please describe the concern. Does the concern primarily occur at the micro, meso, or macro level? How would you address this issue? What impact might your solution have on the other levels of the system? In what ways could interprofessional collaboration be used to resolve the issue?


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