(Answered) NR500NP Week 3: Scavenger Hunt Quiz


NR500NP Foundational Concepts and Advanced Practice Roles

  • You are interested in information related to commencement and graduation. Where would you find more information?
  • Where can you locate information related to VitalSource?
  • As you are developing a discussion board post, you need to include scholarly support. Where would you locate scholarly support?
  • Where would you find more details on how to use Chamberlain’s virtual assistant, Ava?
  • Looking at the Student Rights and Responsibilities, where would you locate information on predatory or non-scholarly sources?
  • A student is asked to submit a video assignment of themselves using Kaltura. Where would the student locate more details?
  • Where would you locate information about downloading a copy of your Turnitin report in the Writing Center?
  • You have questions about using Examplify. Where in Student Resources would you locate more information?………………..

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