(Answered) NR447 Week 5 Discussion: Reflection on Knowledge of Competencies


NR 447 RN Collaborative Healthcare 

Week 5 Discussion: Reflection on Knowledge of Competencies (Graded)


The purpose of this reflection is for learners to learn about legal and ethical competencies in the workplace.

Course Outcome

This reflection enables the student to meet the following course outcome:

  • CO 5: Summarize legal, ethical, and professional competencies utilized by nursing leadership. (PO 6)

Due Date

  • During the assigned week (Sunday the start of the assigned week through Sunday the end of the assigned week):
    • Posts in the discussion at least two times, and
    • Posts in the discussion on two different days

Points Possible

50 points


  • Reflection is an activity that involves your deep thought into your own experiences related to the concepts of the week. Answers should be detailed. In reflections students:
    • Demonstrate understanding of concepts for the week
    • Engage in meaningful dialogue with classmates and/or instructor
    • Express opinions clearly and logically, in a professional manner
  • Use the rubric on this page as you compose your answers.
  • Scholarly sources are NOT required for this reflection
  • Best Practices include:
    • Participation early in the week is encouraged to stimulate meaningful discussion among classmates and instructor.
    • Enter the reflection often during the week to read and learn from posts.
    • Select different classmates for your reply each week.

Reflect on your current knowledge of the Nurse Practice Act in your state or review your acts, rules, and regulations by going to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing at https://www.ncsbn.org/npa.htmLinks to an external site.

  • How familiar are you with your state’s Nurse Practice Act?
  • What did you learn that you didn’t know before today?
  • How does this knowledge assist you as a leader or manager?


Good evening Professor Tinch and Class,

I am familiar with the state of New Jersey Nurse Practice Act. The Nurse Practice Act (NPA) is a set of laws that define the scope of nursing act in each state. NPA’s safeguard the public’s health, protection, ad well-being. This involves safeguarding the public from unqualified and dangerous nurses. Nursing practice is regulated by statuary law in each state, which determines the scope of practice and establishes disciplinary procedures. This federal law is overseen by local nursing boards (The State of New Jersey, 2022). ……please click the icon below to purchase full answer at $5