(Answered) NR393 Week 5 Discussion: Evidence-Based Practice Changes


The evidence to guide nursing practice has changed greatly during the 20th century. Select one area where evidence in nursing care changed during the 20th century and tell us about it.


Professor Roma and class one area which was of interest for me in regard to nursing change in the 20th century was how education for nurses heightened.  It involved theory, and more evidence based with the education they were taught.  There was more focus on specialty nursing which prepared them for the community or the hospital-based nursing (Judd & Sitzman, 2014 p.158) Before actually performing skills on patient’s, students were instructed on how to perform simple procedures, in which today is known as the clinical skills lab in nursing schools (Judd & Sitzman,2014 p.158) and by 1910, students could learn these skills which were offered in about 100 hospital-based schools. …..please click the icon below to purchase full answer at $5