(Answered) NR393 Week 4 Discussion: Impact of 19th Century Nurses


Important nurses of the 19th century are often overshadowed by Nightingale’s prominence. Select one 19th century nurse other than Nightingale and describe this person’s contributions to leadership and/or nursing care. We look forward to reading about the nurse you select!


Hi Professor and Class,

A nurse that I found interesting that made her contributions in the 19th century is Louisa May Alcott. Louisa “volunteered as a nurse in the civil war and wrote a book called Hospital Sketches, a humorous work based on her experiences” (Judd, 2013). Alcott served at Union Hotel hospital in Georgetown, Washington. She served as a nurse in the war to help her family financially. She was smart and witty and was determined to prove her worth. She writes “Though often home sick, heart sick & worn out, I like it – find real pleasure in comforting tending & cheering these poor souls who seem to love me, to feel my sympathy though unspoken, & acknowledge my hearty good will in spite of the ignorance…….Please click the icon below the icon below to purchase full answer at $5