(Answered) NR393 Course Project Phase 3: Reflection Paper


The purpose of this course project is for learners to explore how living nurses are making nursing history, apply lessons from nursing history, and analyze the impact of this project on nursing history today.

Course Outcomes:

This course project enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:

  • CO2: Apply lessons from nursing history to today’s professional nursing practice. (PO4)
  • CO4: Analyze the impact of nursing history on professional nursing roles today and in the future. (PO7)

Due Date for Phase 3:

Submit by Sunday at 11:59 p.m. MT at the end of Week 6.

Late Assignment Policy:

If the assignment is not submitted by due date, a late deduction will be applied. See rubric below.

Points Possible:

The entire project is worth 600 points. Course Project Phase 3: Reflection Paper is worth 225 points of this total.


  1. After completing the Phase 2: Conversation with the Selected Nurse in Week 3, you may begin working on the Phase 3: Reflection Paper. The Phase 3: Reflection Paper will be due by Sunday end of Week 6 by 11:59PM Mountain Time.
  2. Download the Phase 3: Reflection Paper template below.
  3. View the Phase 3: Reflection Paper Tutorial(Links to an external site.)
  4. The Phase 3: Reflection Paper be a typed paper in APA format including:
    1. Double-spaced, font and type size consistent with APA manual
    2. Title Page adheres to Chamberlain and APA standards.
    3. Content and headings as below and on the rubric:
      1. Introduction (include Introduction content, but no heading)
      2. Reflection on Learning from Nurse’s Answers
  • Insight Gained from Conversation Regarding Leadership, Provision of Care, and/or Evidence-Based Practice
  1. Analysis of the Impact of Nursing History on Professional Practice Today and in the Future
  2. Conclusion
  1. Length: Approximately 3 double-spaced pages excluding Title Page; 800-1000 words required in the body of the paper.
  2. No outside sources will be used. No citations or references. No Reference page needed.
  3. Excellent mechanics of scholarly writing including spelling, grammar, structure, paragraphing, and punctuation.
  1. Submit Phase 3 assignment via Canvas by due date.


Reflection Paper

Reflective writing is an effective avenue for learners to illustrate their comprehension of the studied materials in class, and the way this content affects their practice now and in the future. As previously covered in class, reflection mainly is about personal experience. Hence, in this reflection paper, I will look into my experience while conducting the interview with Farouk who is a figure to look up to in my career. Given that he has more than twenty years experience in nursing, there is plenty to reflect from the conversation we shared. In this reflection paper, I first address what I learned from Farouk, considering the responses that he gave during the interview.……Please click the icon below to purchase full answer at $10