(Answered) NR360 Week 7 Discussion : Technology: Benefits and Future Trends


NR360 Information Systems in Healthcare


What technology do you find most beneficial to use in your work or school setting? Least beneficial? Why do you find this tool useful or not? Then, using your imagination, look to the future and think about how this tool could be enhanced even further. Describe your dream technology, with consideration for patient care and safety.


Hello Professor and Class!

In the healthcare industry, an increase in telecommunications, computer-mediated communications, and virtual technologies has led to revamping communication and care (Mcgonigle &Mastrain, 2018). The most beneficial technology I find helpful at work is using the Epic system. Since I work in a pediatric setting, I would gather vital signs on a child, perform blood work, and administer vaccines.…….please click the icon below to purchase full answer at $5