(Answered) NR351Week 2 Discussion: Maintaining Academic Integrity (Graded)


Maintaining your own integrity as a professional nurse is an essential part of your career. Despite knowing the consequences for an academic integrity infraction, why do some students still falsify their work?

What are the most challenging APA formatting issues for you? Why do you find these areas so challenging? What resources will you use to overcome these challenges?


Maintaining integrity is of crucial importance with all aspects of life, both personally and professionally. Without integrity, there would be no trust. Honesty is the foundation of humanity. Plagiarism is defined as “an act of stealing,” as explained by (Carter, et al, 2019). Plagiarism has been a problem for ages. Plagiarism can be an intentional act or even unintentional. Plagiarism can be stealing from others or oneself, and plagiarism is a very complex issue. The definition of academic integrity is a widespread concept, as explained by (Clark, et al, 2020).……please click the icon below to purchase full answer at $5