(Answered) NR351 Week 3 Discussion: Building Communication and Collaboration Skills (Graded)


Building self-awareness of our verbal and non-verbal communication allows us to grow in our communication skills. What resources do you use to improve your awareness of your communication skills in the professional setting?

Interprofessional collaboration to improve patient outcomes depends on our professional communication skills. What are the most effective communication skills that nurses bring to collaborative interactions? Why are those so important in your own practice?



Communication is essential in any setting. There are many types of communication, such as verbal, non-verbal, visual, written, formal, informal, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and so many more. Methods of contact may include optical, auditory, emotional, non-verbal, or verbal. Types of conveying thoughts may consist of verbal, non-verbal, signals, signs, symbols, gestures, and more. Communication is of vital importance to effectively communicate ideas. The use of electronic technology is known as informatics. These tools used individually or together help to support conveying messages and to help contribute to decision making…..please click the icon below to purchase full answer at $5