(Answered) NR351 Week 2 Assignment: Scavenger Hunt


NR351 Transitions in Professional Nursing

1. Question: Enter your instructor’s contact information:
2. Question: Where are the announcements in NR351?
3. Question: What textbooks are required for NR351?
4. Question: Where are the links to the Meet & Greet webinar and recording found in NR351?
5. Question: Where is the Integrity Matters module located?
6. Question: Where is the Course Tour located?
7. Question: How do you find the Webliography?
8. Question: Where are APA Resources located? (Select all that apply)
9. Question: What is the key word from the Meet & Greet webinar from this current session?
10. Question: Type a question here for your instructor that would help you to better understand…….


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