(Answered) HUMN303N Week 8 Assignment: Essay – Interrelationships Reflection


HUMN303N Introduction to Humanities

As we learned in Week 1, there is a difference between being educated and simply trained. The purpose of education is not only to determine what someone can do, but also what kind of person they become as a result of their education. Studies in the humanities will advance the communication skills, empathy, self-awareness, judgment, and professionalism of students, and they help students with becoming skilled at the social and cultural context of working with people.

In addition, studying the humanities can help students in the following ways:

  • Literature can introduce students to life situations with which they may not be familiar.
  • Drama can teach oral communication.
  • Philosophy can teach skills of analysis and argument.
  • Art, literature, drama. and music are expressions of human creativity, and taking part in some form of artistic activity, either as reader or viewer, is part of what makes us human.

For this assignment, choose a work of art that made an impression on you during this course. Then, address the following:

  • Include an image of or link to the work.
  • Identify the artist, the title, date completed, and the medium.
  • Explain how learning about the work will help you in your life and career. Consider the context in which the work was created and the meaning of the work.
  • Explain how one or more specific disciplines (literature, drama, philosophy, art, music) influenced you.
  • Examine the effect that you think this class could have on your career and personal life.


The work of Art that has impressed me the most in this class is  ‘The Thinker’: The work of  art that has made an unshakable impression on me during this class is titled ‘The Thinker ‘ by Auguste  Rodin, French, (1840- 1917). Modeled in 1880-1881, with casting in 1924 in Paris by the foundry Alexis Rudier (1874- 1952).

According to the Philadelphia Museum of Arts’ narratives on Rodin’s bronze sculpture: ‘The Thinker’, this masterpiece  was originally created, “conceived as a part of the bronze doors for the top of The Gates of Hell exhibition. The depicted seated man on the rock is said to represent the  Dante Alghieri, the Renaissance Italian poet whose depiction of hell…….please click the icon below to purchase full answer at $10