(Answered) HUMN303N Week 5 Assignment: Art Creation; Music/Dance/Poetry


HUMN303N Introduction to Humanities

This week you will use your readings from the past week as a point of departure to create your own artistic production and a reflection paper.

Part 1: Art Creation
Select a poem, musical piece, or dance piece to use as a point of inspiration. Create a work of poetry, lyrics, music, or dance, inspired by your selected art piece. Video or audio recordings should be no longer than 5 minutes and must be in MP4 format.

Note: If your art creation requires a separate file submission, please submit in the Art Creation Submission (Recordings) area following this assignment.

Part 2: Reflection
Write a reflection about the relationship between your art production and the inspiration piece. Include the following in the reflection paper:

  • Introduction
  • Inspiration Piece
    • Include the inspiration poem, lyrics, or recording of musical or dance piece within the document. Use a link in the case of a recording.
    • Record the title, artist/author/composer, year, and place of origin.
    • Briefly explain the background of the inspiration piece.
  • Your Art Piece
    • Include your original poem or lyrics within the document. If you selected a musical or dance piece, submit as a separate file in the Art Creation Submission (Recordings) area following this assignment.
    • Provide a title.
    • Explain the background of your piece.
  • Connection
    • Explain the thematic connection between the two pieces.
    • How are they similar and different?
    • Are they the same medium? How does the medium impact what the viewer experiences?



A poem can be referred to a piece of writing by a particular person expressing his ideas and feelings in a particular attention and involves artistic features such as rhyme and imagery. In this writing, I shall be looking at poems aiming to motivate people about life and giving a sense of hope of a better tomorrow. The poems will seek to help inspire young people that eventually everything will fall into place and not to feel sorry about themselves. The inspiration piece is titled Why Me? And it is a very motivating poem especially to young children.

Why Me?

If you have to ask Why me?

When you’re feeling really blue,

When the world has turned against you,

And you don’t know what to do

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