(Answered) HUMN303N Week 2 Assignment: Essay – Painting Analysis & Reflection


HUMN303N Introduction to Humanities

Required Resources
Read/review the following resources for this activity:

  • Textbook: Chapter 4
  • Lesson
  • Minimum of 3 scholarly sources (in addition to the textbook)

As part of the discussion this week, you made a brief exploration of a work of art to understand its subject, meaning, and intent. In this assignment, you will explore an artwork in more depth to consider the context in which it was created. Choose any painting, and address the following:

  • Explain the artistic movement associated with the work of art.
  • Describe the style of the artist (How is the artist unique within the movement?)
  • Examine in some depth the influences that shaped the work. Address at least 2 of the following:
    • Stylistic influences
    • Subject/content influences
    • Cross-disciplinary influences such as literature, philosophy, music, science, technology, etc.
    • Historical influences
    • Political influences
  • Reflect on your learning.
    • How did your research enhance your appreciation of the artwork?
    • How does understanding the context of a work help in interpreting it?

Include the following in your paper:

  • Name of the painting
  • Name of the artist
  • Date created
  • Image of the painting


The starry canvas is one of the finest oil on canvas arts there are. It was created by a renowned artist called Vincent Van Gogh in 1889. It is painted on a canvas with an oily medium. Its’ dimensions are a length of approximately ninety-two centimeters and a height of seventy-three centimeters. This piece of fine history is found in New York in the Modern Art museum in the USA (Thomson, 2008).

The type of art movement that Vincent Gogh depicted with starry night is post-impressionism (Dahlan, 2014). Vincent Gogh drew the portrait, Starry Night, while he was admitted in an asylum in the Saint-Remy. ……please click the icon below to purchase full answer at $10