(Answered) ETHC445N Week 7 Discussion: Virtuous Person, Virtuous Citizen


ETHC445N Principles of Ethics

Each person owes a duty to himself or herself and to the world to study ethics and to engage in thoughtful debate about what is right, and what is wrong. It is this habit of thinking about and reflecting on ethics that will help you determine the right choices when faced with an ethical dilemma.

Initial Post Instructions
Articulate a moral dilemma wherein one has to show a specific virtue or virtues (it can be any virtue or virtues including honesty, courage, charity/generosity, compassion, etc.)

  • What is the moral dilemma about?
  • What virtue or virtues should be shown? (You are here selecting the best course of action)
  • Why is that virtue or those virtues to be shown?
  • How should the virtue or virtues be expressed, and why in that manner?
  • Apply Aristotle’s golden mean to the dilemma.
  • Tell us how the dilemma involves conflict moral duties (loyalty to community versus to self, professional versus familial duties, national or personal obligations).


“Aristotle developed The Doctrine of the Mean, a kind of schematic of virtues to be contrasted with an excess of the chosen virtue and the deficiency of it.” (Rachel & Rachel, 2019) “He saw the well being of the group as more important than the well being of individuals – only through the application and development of virtues can society be a harmonious place…..please click the icon below to purchase full answer at $5