(Answered) ETHC445N Week 5 Assignment: Annotated Bibliography


ETHC445N Principles of Ethics

Week 5 Assignment: Course Project Milestone: Annotated Bibliography

First, return to your topic chosen in the week three assignment.

  • Answer this question: What are the personal and/or communal ethical factors that may be involved in determining the moral position of either side in that debate?
  • Next, articulate and then evaluate the ethical positions  using Kantian ethics (that is, the categorical imperative) relative to the long standing debate (that is your topic chosen in the week three assignment).
  • Finally, create a complete annotated bibliography for 5 academic scholarly sources. You will annotate each source. The sources should be relevant to your topic chosen in the week three assignment.


Direct-to-Consumer Pharmaceutical Advertising

Each phase in the decision-making process for ethical behavior is affected by several variables at the individual and collective levels. People’s ethical judgments are impacted by various elements at the persona level. The more educated a person is, the more knowledge they are likely to have on a difficult topic, which influences their comprehension and viewpoint on the issue, according to research. Despite the prohibition, pharmaceutical corporations have already begun running consumer-targeted advertising in the EU, which complies with existing regulations. A Kantian thinker would argue that Direct-to-consumer prescription is morally wrong.……please click the icon below to purchase full answer at $10